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Acupuncture and Council

Acu-council for

Emotional Healing, Resilience, and Transformation 

What is your deepest longing calling out to you?

Are your emotional patterns getting in the way of the life you want to lead?

Are you hoping to create an even more deeply meaningful life?

What is getting in your way?

Cultivating health, healing and happiness for individuals and small groups

We need each other to heal. Come try this unique approach to acupuncture,

with a group treatment followed by group sharing. It is powerful, transformative and connecting!


In Acu-Council groups we do a group acupuncture session, deeply healing and relaxing,

and then we have a Council circle with storytelling, dialogue and fun!

The power of this combination is not to be missed. Please see my page on Council for more on that practice. 

I work with individuals and groups.

Healing trauma, finding the gold, transforming the wounding, unraveling the blockages.

The ancient five element teachings from Chinese Medicine provide a pathway to health and happiness and a way  to

deeply understand how nature functions, and how we, as humans,

are part of nature, and are made up of the same elements as nature.


Chinese medicine teaches that living according to your highest purpose is possible by removing the blockages

that have gotten in the way. Rather than seeing you as you present yourself in illness or challenge,

we see you as you are in your essential nature, and help to unveil whatever is in the way of living from that nature,

thereby creating health, balance and freedom, and helping you to nourish your deepest life.


 We work with the transformation of anger, fear, sadness, grief, and worry into direction and clarity, wisdom and courage,

connection and joy, inspiration, and nurturing.



I work  with addictions, depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, trauma, emotional healing.


A word on vulnerability:

vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, love, connection, intimacy, joy, happiness – antidotes to shame.

Let ourselves be seen;. to feel vulnerable helps to feel alive. 


I work with individuals for 1 hour, and with groups of 2 to 6 people, for 2 hour sessions. The 1 hour rate for individual acupuncture is $150.

The 2+ hour rate for Acu-Council is $400. 

Cost per person depends on how many people.

I don't take insurance.

Acupuncture - Tradditional Chinese Medicine
acupuncture healing therapy

Special Offer!! 
Free 30 minute Acupuncture Consultation

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Welcome to Transformation that Lasts! 

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