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Welcome to Transformation That Lasts! 

Do you find yourself struggling with internal issues and in need of support?

Are you challenged with anxiety, depression, loneliness, pain, difficult relationships?

If you're feeling empty, maybe you're tired, or self critical or have lots of judgements - what we will do together is support you with tools, love and healing, so that you will feel more fulfilled, you'll feel alive and energetic and you'll have greater self love and acceptance.

Does your business find itself with dysfunctional teams, conflicts that are hard to solve, concerns about retention, managing change, keeping employees satisfied?

Do you want to have a safer, more fun, and more productive workplace?


The data is in. One of the most important keys to happiness is community, connection, relationship.

And yet we live in a time of so much isolation, loneliness and disconnection .

I am devoted to helping people and businesses find ways back to the connection that keeps them nourished, resourced, productive, and joyful.


In order to live and work with a solid foundation of health, happiness and emotional safety, we also need to explore where we are stuck, wounded,  in need of support, and transformation.

This is true for individuals and businesses. 

My methods derive from the deep wisdom teachings of Five Element Chinese Medicine (used for thousands of years to run empires, as well as to heal individuals); the powerful group dialogue process called Council; teachings from the art and science of happiness training (specifically the Happy for No Reason trainings); and much life experience as well as many other deep healing and wisdom teachings.

There's a power that happens in groups that is different than what happens with individuals for healing. I have witnessed this incredible power of group healing and transformation with thousands and thousands of people in group healing sessions I have done around the world.


If you want to  live a more deeply meaningful life, and/or to create a more deeply creative and meaningful business, this is the place!


Free 30 Minute Acupuncture Consultation!!

What I Offer


A Group for People Seeking Happiness

and Purpose

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November 9 - 14, 2023

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For Businesses, Schools,

Groups & Organizations

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Group or Individual


Coming Soon!!

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Working With
Grief & Loss


 Building Your 
Global Service Dream

Forgiveness Practice is
Life Changing

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