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Through the sacred medicines of Oaxacan traditional medicine, and the Chinese Five Elements, we have an opportunity to explore the journey of our own heart and soul.  We will dive into learning and experiencing traditional medicine, and the work of shamanic healer, and with this amazing ancient wisdom, we will create a safe and deep space for group and personal exploration.  

The heart of the trip will be a day-long plant medicine journey - moving into deepened states of awareness.  This is an incredible opportunity to work with a deep medicine teacher; a shaman trained in Huichol Indian medicine work.  Please see below for our guide's description of her experience, and this work.  This will be a deep dive, and we will prepare and harvest throughout the trip.  You will be in a safe and beautiful container with a lot of support.  

We will learn about, and experience, traditional healing for the body, mind and spirit with indigenous healers.   This deep experience allows us to strengthen our own life medicine, as well as bring it back to those with whom we are connected in our lives.  Some of the practices we will do can be challenging and may push some edges in us (this is part of the traditional medicine teachings.  Five Element teachings will be interspersed thoughout our trip. 

Oaxaca, Mexico Sacred Traditional Medicine Journey

$2,750.00 Regular Price
$2,450.00Sale Price
  • December 12 - 17, 2024

    Trip is limited to 6 participants

    Tierraventura's Claudia Schurr and Yves Chavan and  Diana Fried



  • The deposit is non-refundable.  If you cancel after the payment due date, there is no refund.  If we are able to fill your spot, we will refund your payment minus a 15% administrative fee.  

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